August 24, 2009

Home 1 Month Already

So Miss Mia has been home for over a month now. Things with her adjustment have gone so well. I must admit we were thinking she would have a harder time getting used to her new home since she is a little older than Aiden was when we brought him home but the transition has been wonderful. She is really such a good baby. Aiden used to have crying period every day when he came home. We used to refer to them as his "melt downs." Looking back at them now, it was probably a form of grieving. However, Mia has had nothing of the sort. She has so much personality. She is truly just thriving here. She is babbling a ton, has picked up some baby sign language and has started to stand a couple of seconds on her own. Her health has been much better than expected as well. All of her blood work and stool samples came back normal. All of her fungus is gone and while she does have a couple of scars from them on her back and belly - there are none that are truly that obvious. Her hair is coming in curly and think and has a red tint to it. She is quickly moving out of 6-9 months and entering into 12 month clothes. Still has tiny feet though - size 2! She loves music and loves to dance. Her favorite toy is anything that belongs to Aiden - oops! She loves the dogs and bosses them around by wagging her little finger at them - so cute.

The sleeping through the night thing was getting a little better, only getting up once for a bottle and then going right back to sleep. However, now teething has begun again and she is up a lot. We did Motrin last night. She has a runny nose and spots on her little face which all point to teething for sure. I think I can see the little white nubs coming in - 2 to be exact, her top teeth. We are still having too many poopy diapers as well. We have changed her to soy formula and that seems to be helping some.

We are heading to Virginia on Saturday to visit family. Unfortunately, Eric's grandma passed away Friday so we are going to her memorial service. Aiden just adored Grandma Lamb. We haven't had the heart to tell him that she passed away yet. I am hoping little Mia is feeling a little better for the flight. I might go to the doctor this week just to make sure her ear infection has cleared up.

Aiden is doing well in school. He is in Mrs. Melissa's class this year. There are only 5 children in the class this year. Four boys and one girl - poor little girl! They are expecting to add more as time goes by. He seems to be enjoying it. He is going five days a week this year from 8-12. Aiden is the kind of kid who needs things going. Sitting around the house is not for him. It brings the Dennis the Menace out in him - ugh.

I have been trying to get back to running. Mia does pretty well in the nursery. She cries a little but usually ends up playing with the other babies and doing just fine. If she is having a day when she just doesn't want to be away from Mama then we just cut our workouts short. I was up to 6 miles before we left for Ethiopia and now I struggle to make it to 3. I think it may be the lack of sleep and not eating properly. I did take out some time for myself this weekend. Eric watched the kids and I went for a cut/color and pedicure. It kinda turned out to be a disaster but it was still nice to have some peace and time for myself. I have to admit, I felt so weird being without Mia. I missed her terribly. I am used to being away from Aiden now with school and stuff but Mia has been attached to my hip for the past month - literally. I still wouldn't trade it for the world.

It has actually been a little cooler here. It got down to 57 last night. Eric set the tent outside in the backyard and him and Aiden went "camping." They played music, told spooky stories and ate marshmallows. No camp fire though. I don't know if I am ready for all that.

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  1. Lauren....How many teeth total does she have? So is she gettting her 3rd and 4th tooth (already having two below??) I'm really curious because Adey is just getting the same thing and we took her to the Dentist and he said she was REALLY behind in teeth. I'm not worried...just curious...I know our girlies were said to be super close in age.

    She looks great!!!!!!!! You all look well adjusted :-)