September 12, 2009

Mia Is Growing Up

Sorry for my absence - we were visiting family in Virginia for a little over a week and I am still trying to dig myself out of the laundry and house work. The kids both did great on the plane and Mia did just fine sleeping at my parents house in her pack in play - thankfully she is a very adjustable baby. She got to meet all Eric's immediate family and we even got to go out twice without the kids. Once my mom babysat and once Caitlin, Eric's oldest niece, watched the kids. It was nice to be out and have adult conversations without being constantly interrupted. We also got to reconnect with some great friends and hang out with them and their kids. My mom threw a nice shin-dig for Mia. She seemed to enjoy herself, playing with her cousins and eating the cake! We got a ton of loot for both kids while we were there. Thankfully Matt and Jennifer thought ahead and got Mia an actual suitcase so we could bring it all home with us.

We took Mia to her 1 year appointment yesterday. She is weighing in at a whopping 20.12 lbs. The funny thing is that is still less than Aiden weighed when we brought him home at 5 months! We were not able to get our official check up because our Doctor was unexpectedly out. We did get a couple of shots and her ears rechecked and everything looks great. We will go back in 4 weeks and see our Doctor and do the official visit. We were told to put her on whole milk and we also turned her car seat around - sniff, sniff.

Mia's adjustment continues to go wonderfully. She is really on the move now and has taken about 4 steps unassisted. She also will go to a standing position from sitting all by herself and balance herself for a while. She still only has 2 teeth which is strange to me since all other children her age have like 4 or 5! She also still does not sleep through the night. Still gets up once or twice. Once she gets a bottle and goes right back to sleep the second time she just needs a couple of rocks and some pats and goes back to sleep. We are hoping she handles the milk okay if not we will try soy milk. Her stomach issues have improved a lot and she has been eating a lot more table food. Mia's personality has also shown itself a lot more. She has a certain sassiness about her that now is cute but might end up being challenging as she gets older. She has also found her voice and can get quite loud. She loves to growl especially at her big brother and the dogs. Aiden continues to be a good big brother. He sometimes gets a little too affectionate with her and ends up hurting her so we need to remind him to be more gentle. I think though that she can hold her own against him - lol! We also took Mia to get her ears pierced - looks adorable with her little curls coming in. Sigh, my baby is growing up too fast.

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  1. Could our girls be anymore similar in size, weight, personality, ect? Lol and now they both have their ear pierced! Adey growls sooo bad, it drives me batty! I thought boys did that. Adey finally dropped 2 teeth on the top really I'm sure Mia's are coming soooooooon! She looks great...LOVE LOVE LOVE HER CURLS YEAH!!!! Sounds like you guys are doing really good!