September 21, 2009

Two Teeth and Go Rebels

Well finally after weeks of waiting, drooling, rashes and chewing - Houston we have two top teeth! Making that a total of 4 pearly whites all together. Since the two teeth have finally made an appearance, Mia has been sampling lots of new foods. She pretty much will eat anything we give her - she loves to eat. This new found eating has brought about some really cute chubby thighs. In other Mia happenings she has been standing a lot on her own this past weekend. She loves to stand up and give herself a round of applause which we of course all join in on! She also very clearly says daddy and Aiden. I am still waiting to hear mama - for now it seems she calls me "kiki"?????

We took Mia to her first Ole Miss game on Saturday. Thankfully the weather held up and the Rebels won! Aiden had a blast at the game. He told me this year that he wasn't afraid??? I didn't even know he had been afraid. I thought all this time he just had a short attention span and that is why he always asked to leave a few minutes after kick-off. Anyway, it seems he was afraid of the score board???? Don't ask.

We have our first post placement visit tomorrow. I am not nervous at all this go around. I did clean up of course as I would have in expectation of any company. This go around I finally realize that the social workers want adoptive families to succeed and are totally on our side and are not judging the possible cobs webs in the corner. After this visit, we will need two more before we get to legally finalize our adoption in the United States - yippee!!!!!

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  1. OH, such a cutie pie! Glad those teeth are in. I was the last to be "named", too, and it turns out instead of Mama I'm "Mimi!" I'll take it.