November 27, 2009

House Is on the Market

Well it is official sign and all. We are hoping to have this house sold by this Spring. The real estate agent feels that the market hasn't been hit here too bad and people are still buying and selling especially in our price range. We are really hoping to have this place sold and be in our new place in Virginia before Aiden starts school in September. We shall see.

As for the latest Mia health saga, we had our three week check up with our ENT last week. Unfortunately, Mia is not doing any better since the tubes. The doctor gave us more drops as well as an oral antibiotic hoping that this will get the rest of the fluid and infection out. He did say that if she is no better by her six month check up in April we might want to consider removing her Adenoid. Despite it all, Mia continues to amaze us. She is really such a joy to have around. She is just so much fun. Aiden is really starting to enjoy having her around now that they can actually play tag and stuff. Also, Mia has started to finally say a couple more words. She says "all done, hello, bye-bye, Aiden and dog." She also sings the melody to Patty-cake, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Elmo's World - replacing the words for "da." So despite her ever present runny nose, cough and ear infection she remains happy and active.


  1. Try allergy testing! Sounds a lot like she's allergic to dairy or maybe something else that she's taking in on a regular basis. If you want to try it on your own, just remove dairy products from her diet for a while and see if she improves. Please, anything to avoid surgery! I had to take both of my girls off dairy. They drink rice milk and after several years are able to have some dairy without big consequences.

  2. Those are some gorgeous smiles! I just love that first picture!