December 21, 2009

Post Placement Visit

So after having a "birth mother emergency" our second post placement visit was delayed until Friday afternoon. The visit went fine. It is funny how this time around is so different than last time. I used to get so nervous before the post placement visit but not anymore. I guess I am more confident as a mommy this time. Our social worker is also very laid back and it is really like talking to an old friend. The kids of course were both kind of whiny because it was right smack in the middle of Mia's nap time and Aiden well he just wanted our attention. I finally just told the social worker that it was Mia's nap time and she saw her and she is all in one piece so I can I just lay her down now. She laughed and said of course. So, after I put Mia to sleep and found Tom and Jerry for Aiden everything was fine. We have to wait 30 days between visits for our last post placement visit and then we will be able to finalize. We will be able to take care of everything here in Mississippi and Mia should be officially ours by February.

December 14, 2009

No News Yet

Well no movement on the house yet. We had a Realtor Open House last week and we once again got great feed back. I think after the holidays things might start picking up. People keep telling us that the market is improving here and that we are in a good area and price point so that is encouraging.

In other news, Mia seems to be feeling much better. Her constant cold and cough are gone as well as all the drainage. She has started sleeping through the night finally. We have our next post placement visit scheduled on Thursday. We will have our last visit in January and then we will finalize the adoption. Our social worker has assured us that is all can be done while we are still here in Mississippi.

Someone was just asking me what was the thing I liked least about living in Mississippi. Aside from it being so far away from our family and friends, I don't like the fact that there really are no seasons. It goes from Spring to Summer. Then last weekend we were surprised to wake up to snow. We bundled the kids up and went out to enjoy it knowing it wouldn't last long. Aiden made some snow angels and two tiny snowmen. Then we had a snowball fight. Mia wasn't as impressed with it. She hated her mittens and didn't like the fact that it was hard to walk on. It was nice to have a little winter though even if it didn't last - today is 70 degrees outside!