December 21, 2009

Post Placement Visit

So after having a "birth mother emergency" our second post placement visit was delayed until Friday afternoon. The visit went fine. It is funny how this time around is so different than last time. I used to get so nervous before the post placement visit but not anymore. I guess I am more confident as a mommy this time. Our social worker is also very laid back and it is really like talking to an old friend. The kids of course were both kind of whiny because it was right smack in the middle of Mia's nap time and Aiden well he just wanted our attention. I finally just told the social worker that it was Mia's nap time and she saw her and she is all in one piece so I can I just lay her down now. She laughed and said of course. So, after I put Mia to sleep and found Tom and Jerry for Aiden everything was fine. We have to wait 30 days between visits for our last post placement visit and then we will be able to finalize. We will be able to take care of everything here in Mississippi and Mia should be officially ours by February.


  1. We have a post-placement visit tomorrow, and our last visit next week! What was the "birth mother emergency??!" So fun to see pictures of your little Mia. She is the cutest. Hope you're doing well...

  2. Would love to see an updated pic on miss Mia! Hope your family is doing well!