February 3, 2009

Happy Anniversary Monica and David - A Day Late

I just wanted to give our best buds - Monica and David - a shout out wishing them a very Happy Anniversary. We have had such good times with you guys and are looking forward to many more! Love you guys!

In adoption news I just wanted to clarify something. Some of you have asked if we already got our assignment. I think it is because of the way the ticker reads. No, we have not gotten an assignment yet. The ticker is just counting from the day we started the process or the day we submitted our initial application with Holt. We did that way back in June! Our agency made 3 referrals in January. Every time a referral is made, we move up the list. The last time we checked in with Holt to ask what number we are on the list was back in November. At that time we were number 21. I am guessing based on my own calculations, that we are somewhere around 15 or 16 right now. What does this all mean? Well it means more waiting. There are currently 6 families either in Ethiopia or on their way to Ethiopia to meet their children. It is encouraging to see this movement and we wish these families the best! There are also many families waiting to go to court (which makes their referred children legally theirs). We hope they have a successful day at court and pass the first time. We are hoping for a big batch of referrals after all of the current families pass through the legal system. Stay tuned for more news....


  1. Hey Lauren, if I'm not mistaken, I think you all are around 12 or 13. I say that because when I talked to Stephanie on Friday, she said we were 14. Since your dossier was submitted about 9 days ahead of us, I think that probably puts you one or two spots ahead of us on "the list" ;).