February 12, 2009

Play Date

We had a play date with our friends Will and Ian. We took the kids to Pump It Up and they had a blast. Why didn't they have these places when we were kids? The boys jumped and went down the slides and had a great time! Everyone got along and no one got hurt - that is what I call a successful play date!

After lunch, Will and Ian went home and Aiden and I headed to the park. Aiden has certainly gotten over his fear of the swings. A couple of weeks ago he wouldn't even sit on them and now he was letting me push him really high. Then he was pushing me which must have been quite a sight to see. We fed the ducks and watched the turtles sunning themselves - there were even a couple of babies - so cute!

Insert Mommy Brag Here: Aiden won a contest at school yesterday. They had a test to see who could identify their letters the best and Aiden came in first place. He really does blow me away with that stuff. Now to work on his listening skills - ugh!

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