February 9, 2009

Some Weekend Fun

Well it was 77 degrees yesterday here in Mississippi! So, we took advantage of the wonderful weather and took the dogs for a relaxing walk on the Natchez Trace http://www.nps.gov/natt/index.htm Well in true Eric and Lauren fashion our relaxing hike turned into something let's say a little bit different. We found the walking trail, which turns out to be more often used for horse back riding, and parked the car. You could chose between two different directions of the path. We chose our direction and headed on our way. We hoped the direction we had chosen would be scenic and we thought we might even get a glimpse of the nearby Reservoir. Yeah - that did not happen. Instead we were knee deep in sticky bushes, mud and horse poop. But it least it was quiet and Aiden and the dogs were having fun and then the shooting started. Turns out the quiet trail we picked is also directly behind a shooting range training school. Our hike in the woods felt more like we were back in time fighting in one of the wars that had taken place there centuries ago. We continued on our journey for a couple of miles until we realized that the trail was not getting any more scenic and the gun shots were not going to let up and we turned around. The good news is that we made it back in one piece and we realized again - "Toto we are not in Virginia anymore" (insert a big sigh here).

We did get an update from our adoption agency on Friday. Turns out that there were 8 families that received their referrals last month, which is more than we thought. Maybe we are a little higher on the waiting list????

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  1. Wow, that walk sounds crazy, but one to remember! And such great news from Holt last week!