May 26, 2009

Clean Up Weekend

Well as fore casted it rained the entire Memorial Day Weekend. But we did get a lot done on our clean-up efforts as we get ready for our little lady bug to join us. We cleared all the baby stuff out of the attic. I washed everything down and it is all in pretty good condition - like new. We ordered a new slip cover for the high chair and a new cover, cushion and harness set for the car seat. I also found some adorable bathroom stuff for our little lady bug's sink which is right off her room. We cleared out the guest room and now have a box spring under our bed and a mattress in our front closet - don't ask. We painted Aiden's sink and bathroom a bright and cheery green color - it came out cute - stay tuned for some pictures. I am still waiting for our nursery bedding which should arrive today. Once we get that I will pick out a color for the baby's room and sink. Her bedding is bright pink and green so I am hoping to do the sink the same color as Aiden's and then do the room in a soft green. One of the most awesome things is that we came across my wedding dress in the attic. I dared to try it on and guess what??? 13 years later and it still fits!!!! Aiden saw me and said I looked like a princess and he wanted to take a picture of me - how sweet.

We did get some news from the last travel group that just arrived home from Ethiopia with their children. A family that traveled out to Durame, which is where Holt's in take center is located, tracked down our little one. It was reported by the nannies at the in take center that our little girl eats and sleeps well. Her name means "glory" and is one of the nannies' favorite children - how sweet is that? I also found out from the three families that traveled that a group of 13 children were moved from Durame to Addis which is the babies final stop before being united with their forever families. Although it cannot be 100% confirmed it is highly likely that our little girl was in the group that was moved. This update is just what we needed to get us going through the long weekend. We really hope to hear something about a court date this week. Holt said that they think families will hear when their court dates are at the beginning of June - well that is next week!

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