May 6, 2009

Shots on Cinco de Mayo

Unfortunately it was not the tequila kind. After searching the entire state of Mississippi for a Yellow Fever vaccine (apparently there is a shortage) we finally located a travel doctor. We ended up getting 4 shots each - 2 in each arm. The worst part of it wasn't the pain but the money they cost (insurance covers none of it). The nurse said we may get fever and aches from the shots and we should plan to take it easy for the next couple of days. We are both feeling just fine except for the fact that is feels like someone punched us in the arms. Aiden got a kick out of mom and dad getting shots and him not having to get any.

It has been a month now since we got our referral. Tomorrow our little one turns 8 months. I am starting to feel very impatient and just want our court date already. Our agency said it may be a few more weeks before we hear anything. Courts will be closed from August 5Th until September so we hope we can get our case heard before they close. Court cases are heard 2 1/2 - 3 months after a referral is received. Court dates are assigned anywhere from 4 - 10 weeks after you receive your referral.

There is a group leaving for Ethiopia next week to go get their children. The Czarnecki family, here is their blog is leaving this Friday to do some site seeing. They will be making the trip to Durame where our sweetie is currently located. They have graciously offered to give our little girl some lovin' from us. We are so grateful for their offer and hope they have a wonderful and safe trip.

Holt did send us an e-mail last week saying that they received our family album and it has been approved and they will send it to Ethiopia for us. We did go to Babies R Us last weekend. We looked at some of their cribs and dressers but they honestly looked very cheaply made. We did eye a stroller we liked and picked up a cute little onsie for our girl that says "little sister." We are holding off on getting anything big like furniture just yet. The plan is to wait for our court date and then begin the real preparations. Like getting her room ready and buying the baby items we need.

Meanwhile Eric and I leave for Savannah, Georgia next week for a little getaway. His parents are coming to stay with Aiden while we are gone. We will be staying in Savannah for one night and then we will be going to South Carolina to attend Eric's board meeting. Aiden's school year is coming to an end already. His last day is on May 20th. So we have lots of activities approaching and we will just try to keep busy and maybe that will make the time go faster.

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  1. My arm is still sore from the shots on Tuesday! I have a pretty big bruise from the hep A/B combo shot too. Ouch!

    I followed suit with the retail therapy. It helped, yesterday! Today, not so much :(. I might need to shop again this weekend.

    Hope you have fun on your get-away trip. I'm sure it will help time pass quickly.