May 20, 2009

Updates & Aiden's Last Day

Today was Aiden's last day of pre-school. They had a party and he brought his teachers gifts. He also got to wear the special t-shirt Grandma just bought him.

Before we left for our little getaway we got an e-mail from Holt saying that they were missing some of our paperwork. Of course the paperwork they were missing was one we had to get notarized. So, we got that taken care of yesterday and we are straight as of now. Holt also sent the court approved relinquishment paperwork on our little girl. Everything was translated for us. It was very interesting to read and we found out a little more information about our little ones situation.

We also got an alert message from Holt explaining some sad issues going on in Addis. It appears that a couple of adoption agency have been accused of some shady business with their operations. Because of this the Ministry of Women's Affairs (MOWA) has suspended the agencies relinquishment cases that were scheduled to be heard in court. Holt is not involved in any of the investigations so I do not think this will impact us at all. Holt has continued to have families cases heard and pass throughout this entire ordeal. In fact, two Holt families who received their referrals around the same time we did (one the same day, one the week after) got randomly selected to go through court. Therefore, they did not even know their case was going to be heard. They just got a call from Holt saying that their children were legally theirs and they now expect to travel in about 2 weeks to get them. I guess with some cases being put on hold it has freed up court time and so other cases got pushed through. I am not sure if this is just a random thing or if they will continue doing this while their load is so light. I am just hoping our case will be heard before court closure in August.

I finally decided on baby bedding and ordered it yesterday. We will spend our first official weekend of the summer painting. Not too fun but it is supposed to be raining here all weekend anyway. Once the nursery is painted I will let you all take a peak.

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  1. Aiden is a cutie! I can't wait to see the pics of the nursery, its exciting to get the rooms ready:)