March 4, 2009


Today was Aiden's turn to bring in cupcakes for his school. He really loves Thomas the Train and wanted Thomas cupcakes. I found some cute Thomas Cake rings on line. We used different color frosting and put the rings on top of the cupcakes. They came out kinda cute - definitely look homemade. We also added sprinkles and writing icing to some as well. When I dropped them off this morning the kids were so excited.

In adoption news there has been no movement on the list. There were no referrals made for the month of February which was kind of disappointing. When we originally started this process we thought we would get our referral around March. The longest waiters are now going into their 8 month of waiting, so it looks like wait times are certainly increasing. There has been a lot of movement with court passings and travel. Nine families picked up their children last month alone! We are still handling the wait better this time. Probably because we know that we cannot control this part of the process and also Aiden keeps us very busy. We did go to a local baby store last weekend to look at bedding and furniture. I did not fall in love with any furniture but did find a bedding set I like. It is bright and cheery with polka dots and butterflies. I was originally thinking about getting white nursery furniture but most of what they had was dark cherry, espresso and black. I was leaning more towards the espresso but am undecided. I talked to the woman in the store and she told me to allow 6 - 8 weeks for delivery of the furniture. I still would like to wait until we receive our referral before doing anything with the nursery just yet. We did get some news from our agency about what kind of things the in take center needs donation wise. I will post some of the things they need soon. If you would like to contribute, please contact us and we would be happy to arrange to get the items from you. We would bring them with us when we travel to pick up the baby.

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