March 23, 2009

Spring is Here

Well our first weekend home in the past two weeks and the weather was beautiful. We were able to get much needed yard work done. I doubt we will win yard of the month but it looks good.

On the adoption front, things have been moving quickly. When we started the month we were told we were #12. The month of March has been really busy for referrals, so upon checking our number today, we were given the #5 spot! I cannot believe how fast things are moving. I hope they continue. The referral that was given out on
Friday was given to a family who was only waiting 6 months. We have been waiting for 5 months. As for the families waiting before us, one is for sure requesting a boy (our current #1 waiter on the yahoo group) and one is requesting a girl (officially given the #3 spot) - all are looking for infants like us. So there really is no way to tell for sure if we will get our referral in the next batch. I am holding out hope to get our referral in April since it is the month we got Aiden's referral, its our Anniversary month and also it would put us traveling in the late summer/early fall and before court closures. I still am feeling a lot calmer this time. I guess because I know this part of the process is out of our control so all we can do is sit back and wait and hope things continue to progress the way they have been. I will update you as soon as I hear of any more referrals. It is starting to get exciting though. Just think somewhere on the other side of the world our little girl may already have been born.......


  1. So exciting to hear! I hope you get a referral in April! It would be fun if we got one too so we could be in your travel group. We're open to toddlers so, maybe? We're #11 or 12 though, so I think we have a while. Can't wait to read good news of a referral for your family ;).

  2. I hope it happens soon for you guys! If so, maybe we'll be in the same travel group!