March 10, 2009

Trip to Atlanta

We traveled to Atlanta this past weekend to see our niece get baptized. We were so glad to be a part of Caitlin's important day.

After the baptism we took a trip to Stone Mountain Park. It was opening day and packed. They had an exhibit called Snow Atlanta where they had snow making machines and the kids could slide down the hills and make snow balls and play in the snow. It was weird to see the snow since it was 80 degrees outside! Although this looked like a lot of fun we didn't have gloves with us so we opted out of this activity and decided to do the train instead. This was right up Aiden's alley since he has a obsession with Thomas and everything train. He loved it! We then did something they call Sky Hike where they suspended wooden planks and rope that you used to hike around in the sky basically - it was neat - I had never seen anything like that. They had something set up for the littler kids where they could participate but not go up so high. We were astonished at all the things Aiden could do. He even did the "Tarzan Rope" thing where you hold on and swing across on a cable. What a difference a year makes! The last thing we did was a Barn that had tons of activities inside different ropes and slides you can go down. Also, you collect balls and bring them to the top and shoot them out at people which Aiden loved.

We had a great time in Atlanta and were so happy to see the family and spend time with everyone. We also were honored to be a part of Caitlin's special day.

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