March 5, 2009

The Wait List

I finally broke down and e-mailed our agency to get a definite number of where we stand on the wait list. We were told that our family is number 12 in line. As we move closer to the single digits it gets more exciting! It has been reported that our agency is expecting a package in the mail next week from Ethiopia which probably will have some referrals in it. When they receive the package our agency will have to review the files and match families with the children. Usually there are multiple referrals made in the same day but I doubt that our referral will be included in this package as most if not all of the families above us are also waiting for infants. Our agency has informed us that their has been a slow down on assignments currently because there are so many children being brought into the center that they have had to increase their staff and they are focusing on training them. If our referral is not included in this package it would mean another 4 to 6 weeks wait until the next batch of referrals come in. In the meantime we will just hope the people at the top of the wait list will get some good news next week. Some of them have been waiting for 8 months!

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  1. So much good news! I'm hoping everyone hears even more great news next week!