June 29, 2009

Checking Things off The List

We made good progress this weekend with our "to do" list. We did some touch-ups to the paint in the house. We set-up a bed in Mia's room, which used to be our guest room, so my parents will have a place to stay while they are here. We got some temporary curtains hung up in the nursery. I have ordered cute pink and white polka dot black out curtains but they won't be here until mid July. Eric was able to fix both of our lap-tops so we can leave one here for my parents and take one with us to Ethiopia. We looked at the Ethiopian Guidebook and made sure we had all of our paperwork in order to take with us on our trip.

We also made time for some fun with friends at a craw fish boil. The highlight to Aiden's day was riding on their 4 wheeler. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so we got no pictures - darn.

Tonight is Aiden's big swim meet. I promise to take pictures of that so you can all see our little fish in action - Go Sea Lions!

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  1. Aw, Aiden is such a cutie face! Looks like you're almost ready for the big trip! So exciting!