June 2, 2009

Preparations Coming Along

So far, so good. First coat of paint is up in the nursery. It looks great - one more coat to do this afternoon and we should be done. We were notified yesterday from JcPenny that the furniture has arrived, so we are going to be picking that up tonight. I have ordered the lamp to go with her bedding and some cute little butterflies to go on the walls. I also found a company that will paint your wooden letters to match your bedding. We went with the letters that hang from the ribbons and the company is going to paint them to match the polka dots in the bedding. We got the car seat, as shown above, all cleaned up with new pads and did the same for the high chair - they look like new! We also have been receiving some gifts and things from our friends. Our friends Melissa and Jeff got her first Ole Miss outfit to wear to the games - it is so cute!

We have not received our travel dates as of yet. We did find out yesterday that our agency has started arranging for families to make the trip out to Durame to visit the orphanage that our little one spent most of her time. We also may meet the birth family if all parties agree. We are going to make both the trip and invite the birth family to come out for a meeting. We hope they can make it - what a wonderful and unique experience to meet them and be able to tell our daughter about them. And also they will get to see the family that has been chosen to raise their child. Also, the trip to Durame will give us a chance to meet the nannies that cared and adored Zinash for the last couple of months and thank them for all they do. We will also get a chance to see the "real" Ethiopia, the countryside.

We have been starting to think more about our trip and where we will leave from. I had really hoped that we would be able to come to Richmond first with Aiden and leave him there and travel onto DC and leave from Dulles, but it looks like this might not be able to work. Our agency really wants all the families to try to arrive around the same time as it is easier for the folks in Ethiopia. We are also very concerned about losing luggage, being delayed and not making it to the flight home out of Richmond and also most importantly what would be best for Zinash. It might be better for us to get her home as soon as possible so she can start getting used to her new life, family and home.

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  1. Did you get a travel date yet???!!!! I hope we get our little issue resolved quickly so we can meet up in Addis Ababa! If not, I hope we have a blog/yahoo/Holt Union with all of our kiddos. I really want to meet you and some others on this journey. It's been so fun getting to know you and everyone through the blogs and our emails. Would be nice to meet in person! I'm so excited for you to meet Zinash and bring her home. She is such a doll face. I hope I get to meet her too ;). Looks like the preparations are coming along! I seriously need to stay OFF of amazon, babies r us, barnes and noble, toys r us, etc. I've been on a shopping spree since we learned about our court date. omg, I have serious shopping issues right now! ;) I'm done though, at least 'til we get a travel date! Anyway, can't wait to see the nursery. I'll post some of our kid's room soon too. It's turning out super cool.